It is selected on a competitive basis for a four-month retraining courses of the Institute for Research of the Youth Problems and Training Prospective Personnel under Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
o Having a higher education;
o Under the age of 30;
o Having at least two years of work experience
o Having a deep knowledge of state youth policy, to be aware of socio-economic and political reforms in Uzbekistan;
o Being aware of the goals and objectives of the youth union of Uzbekistan and has work experience in this organization.;
o Being responsible, initiative and should have leadership skills and teamwork skills.
Documents are accepted at the regional councils of the youth union of Uzbekistan.
Entrance examinations consist of two stages:
1st stage: written exam.
2nd stage: interview (oriented to determine vision and leadership skills).

Required documents from candidates:

1. Application form;
2. Recommendation letter from employer (with the sign of manager);
3. The copy of the diploma with attachment;
4. In the form of a reference (object);
5. A certified copy of the workbook in the prescribed manner;
6. Photo in size of 3.5 x 4.5 (4 pcs);
7. The copy of the passport.