Retraining of prospective personnel.
Retraining of prospective personnel is carried out on the basis of educational programs developed in accordance with international standards and requirements in the field of developing in-depth knowledge about democratic reforms and modernizing the economy, as well as developing knowledge and skills in training promising leaders in the field of state and public administration.
The selection of students for training courses at the Institute is carried out by the Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan from among persons recommended by state authorities, state and economic management, as well as public organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aged up to 30 years inclusive, who have basic higher education and not less than 2 years of work experience through interviewing and testing.
The training program for the retraining of prospective young personnel is 16 weeks (taking into account 576 hours, taking into account experience). Classes are scheduled for 36 hours per week with a maximum workload of 54 hours per week.
Students who have successfully passed the final certification receive a state diploma in the prescribed manner.
The internship procedure for students of the retraining course is determined by the Institute in agreement with the Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Entrance examinations consist of two stages:

1st stage: Tests (conducted by the State Testing Center).
2nd stage: Interview.