-development and implementation of the criterions of the National Index for assessing the state youth policy;

-maintaining, analyzing and collecting statistical data on youth activities of government and non-government organizations;

-monitoring the activities of government and non- government organizations for the implementation of elaborated proposals based on the results of the analysis to bring the state youth policy to a new level;

-constant study of the development of young promising personnel in the field, the development of proposals for the elimination of obstacles to their activities;

-development of projects of normative legal documents related to the activities of the department;

-development of proposals for the development of international relations of the institute in the field of youth index;

-participation in local and international scientific grants for the youth index.


-obtaining up-to-date statistics from the responsible agencies and organizations for the formation of the youth index;

-conducting research to re-examine the statistics provided by the authorities and in-depth study of the situation on the ground;

-thorough study of the activities of local departments of ministries, departments and organizations in the field of youth, their assessment and development of practical proposals to improve their effectiveness;

-study of the activities of young promising personnel in the field, trends in their development and the elaborate of appropriate conclusions and recommendations;

-study of advanced foreign experience in solving youth problems;

-monitoring of important news in the field of youth policy in the republic and abroad;

-development of projects of normative legal documents related to the activities of the department;

-participation in conferences, seminars, round tables and other events dedicated to solving youth problems at the national and international levels.

The Department has four staff and there operate:


Head of Department – Tadjidinov Iskandar Baxodir o’g’li

E-mail: аlext_91@mail.ru



The main specialist – Luxmanova Zarina Talibovna

E-mail: ztlukhmanova@gmail.com



The main specialist – Shodiyev Toxir Ochilovich

E-mail: shodievt89@gmail.com



Tel: (+998 71) 232-61-28 , E-mail:monitoring@yomi.uz.