On August 1, at the residence of UNESCO (a specialized agency of the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), a meeting of the Institute’s leadership with the Head of the UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan Fuad Pashayev took place.

The parties discussed the prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation. An exchange of views took place on questions of its further development.

“In recent years, the work done by UNESCO has shown its results in practice, the events held under the auspices of the organization have become an important step in enriching and strengthening cultural values,” said Aktam Jalilov.

– Fuad Pashayev, welcoming Aktam Jalilov, noted that this meeting is a logical continuation of the dialogue between the organization and the country’s departments and a convenient opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest.

– A consultative meeting organized at your initiative helps to strengthen productive cooperation. The agreements reached by us are of great importance for further cooperation. – said the head of the UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, agreements were reached on conducting joint trainings for young leaders of the republic, trainings are planned to be held in the areas of tangible and intangible heritage of Uzbekistan.

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