Over the past three years, the total number of foreign students receiving higher education in Russia has increased by more than 26,000 people. So, in 2019, 298,000 foreign students studied in Russia, in 2020 – 315,000, in 2021 – 324,000.
Mostly students come to the Russian Federation for higher education from Kazakhstan (61,000), Uzbekistan (48,700), China (32 ,600), Turkmenistan (30,600), Tajikistan (23,100), India (16,700), Egypt (12,400), Belarus (10,200), Ukraine (9,100) and Kyrgyzstan (8,600).
The most popular field among foreign students is medicine. Applicants from all of the above countries try to enter the medical faculties. In addition to medical specialties, economics and management are in demand among Kazakh and Uzbek students.

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